Mobile Apps

What are mobile apps?

Mobile applications are a simplified form of website.

When you have to use a website multiple times a day, and laptops cannot be used everywhere, mobile applications are really useful and comfortable to use in this situation.

If you are in the business of selling goods online, or you are a wholesaler, or you work in the field of education, mobile apps will help your business grow 10 times.

Types of mobile apps:

1. Native Mobile Applications: If you want a mobile application that works only on Android or iOS platform, then you can choose this option.

2. Hybrid Mobile Applications: If you want your mobile app to work on more than one platform, you can go for hybrid technology.

3. Web-based Applications: If you want that your current work on the website, should also be on the mobile application, you can choose the web application. They're nothing but responsive mobile version of any website, runs with the help of web browser.