What is freelancing? | Difference between contracts and freelance projects.


What is freelancing? | Difference between contracts and freelance projects.

There is a lot of confusion among people about freelancing, but this is not a strange thing. Think about your music teacher! Think about your favorite actor! Simply these are all freelancers. Let's try to understand more about freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is not just about content writing or work from home, freelancer works on a project on contract basis, he is not bound to work with any one company or organization. The field of freelancing is very wide so we cannot call it completely work from home. According to the contract, he may also be required to go to the office for some time or hours, or do some work which is not possible without a visit, such as the installation of any particular software, or installation of an internet connection.

Nature of contracts and freelance projects:

Under freelancing, all such work comes which can be done with the help of internet or computer. Or can be done sitting at home. The work for which it is not necessary to go to the office, or have to go to the office for a very short time. Working on commission or any contract basis also comes under freelancing.

Difference between contracts and freelance projects:

Contracts and freelance projects are generally understood to be similar, but there are slight differences between them. Both the projects are part of freelancing but the working nature of both the projects is different.

Working on more than one company's project is generally called working on freelance projects. These are mostly remote and short-term. Or you can work on several projects at once, by giving a little time to each project.

Contracts projects are long-term projects that usually involve working for one company at a time ( if you are a company then you can contract with more than one companies), either on a commission basis or on a contract basis. This type of project may involve working in the office, working on the field or working from your own office.

PS: Freelancing in one sentence: Become your own boss.