How to crack a job interview: Interview Preparation Toolkit | Kontent Kanya

How to crack a job interview: Interview Preparation Toolkit | Kontent Kanya

How to crack a job interview: Interview Preparation Toolkit

If you are going to appear in a job interview, then it is natural that you will be filled with a lot of expectations and possibilities and these expectations generate the fear of failure.

Hey there! I am Aparna Dolia, I am a Content Chef, Storyteller, Video Presenter, Educator, and Explorer. An Electronics Engineer by degree and a Content Producer by passion. And in this article I am going to tell you how to crack a job interview and always be in a win-win situation in the interview.

In interview, you should have confidence in yourself and a sense of right over the selection. This self-confidence will make you successful in the interview.

Interviews vary in different companies. in some companies, your interview may take up to 30 minutes and in some companies may take up to 2 hours. some companies may have in first-round logical ability, English language and communication skills tests. And then result of the final selection comes followed by group discussion and other rounds.

To go through such a long process, you must have the necessary skills and abilities. Before participating in any interview process, you must have a good understanding of the job profile, and basic knowledge about the functioning of the company.

You should keep a resume and a soft copy of it; the resume should highlight the skills and experiences associated with the job profile.

Here I am talking about the skills required in the interview and selection process and what should be kept in mind.

1. How to improve communication skills:

Are you wondering how can you improve your communication skills? Watch these 5 simple yet impactful tips!

2. Crack any interview question:

Top Interview Questions and Answers?

Watch this video to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions in any interview. The video also covers the best tips to crack any interview! 
In the times, when we are transitioning toward virtual, also get bonus tips to crack a virtual interview - So do watch the video till the end.

3. Strength and weakness in interview:

What are your strengths and weaknesses? - This is one of the trickiest questions asked in any job interview, and answering it is a tricky affair too!

But not anymore!

We have got you the best answers for your strengths and weaknesses. And most importantly we have also covered what you should not say! 

Watch the full video to unlock the best answers to your strength and weakness!

4. Group discussion tips:

Are you wondering how to initiate a Group Discussion, or how to participate in the GD when you have no clue about the topic, or how to present yourself in a virtual Group Discussion, or how to clear GD as an entrance process in any MBA college, or pass the GD round in any job recruitment process? 

Don't worry - here is a quick fix to all your problems. 
Watch this video to know the tips and tricks to participate effectively in a Group Discussion, and how to crack any GD.

5. What to check in the offer letter:

Things to check in your First Offer Letter before signing it off blindly?

Your first placement is undoubtedly a big victory in your career, but avoid committing the mistake of taking your first offer letter for granted. 

It holds a lot of important information, so don't accept it blindly. 

Watch this video to know the 5 most important things to check in your first offer letter.

6. Explanation of salary slip:

First Time earner? Here is what you need to know about Salary Slips, the difference between CTC & IN-hand salary, allowances, deductions, what is tax exempted & what's taxable.

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