10 Wonderful Tips For Public Speaking | Nancy Shah

10 Wonderful Tips For Public Speaking | Nancy Shah, contracts and freelance
Nancy Shah

10 Wonderful Tips For Public Speaking | Nancy Shah

Hey there! I am Nancy Shah, I am a Trainer, Public Speaker, Anchor, Voice-over Artist and founder of Speakers' Circle.

We started this initiative (Speakers' Circle) to help people improve their public speaking skills. And in this article I am going to share few tips which will help you to improve your public speaking skills and your appearance on stage.

So let's get started!

1. What is Body Language?

A major part of your performance on stage depends on your Body Language! These are few basic things regarding Body Language and why is it necessary to use it correctly!

2. Congruence, Mirror & Match, and Proximity:

In my previous video about Public Speaking, I shared the basics of Body Language with you! In this video, I talk about three important aspects of Body Language - Congruence, Mirror and Match, and Proximity!

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3. Using Gestures:

Gestures hold the true charm of your speech, as they help add emphasis without using words!

In this video, I share the various effective gestures that you can use in your speeches!

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4. Gestures to avoid:

In my previous video, I shared what good gestures you can use on stage!

However, not all gestures deserve to be used on the stage!
Here, I tell you what gestures to AVOID.
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5. Using Facial Expressions:

Facial Expressions say a lot of things to your audience!

Your interest, purpose, and emotions are clearly reflected by them. Hence, it becomes necessary to give the correct facial expressions that add more meaning to your words, while Public Speaking.

6. Using Postures:

"A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind."
It is very necessary to have a good posture while speaking in public.

Here are a few things that I'd like to share about maintaining a good posture on stage!

7. Using Eye Contact:

Eye Contact is a very essential tool to connect with your audience while speaking in public.

I am sharing a few things for you to note when using Eye Contact on stage!

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8. How to select a speech topic?

One of the biggest questions a Public Speaker faces is which topic to speak on. I have some ideas and techniques that you can use to decide your topic!

9. What is Voice Modulation?

The way you use your voice largely impacts your effectiveness as a Public Speaker! Through this video, I am sharing with you the basics of Voice Modulation.

10. Brainstorming: How to do it?

Does it take you a lot of time to write content for your speech?

Does it happen that you're writing your speech draft and you find yourself halfway running out of ideas?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you - Brainstorming!

Brainstorming is an ideal way to create content for your speeches in an organized and creative manner. Take 5 mins to brainstorm before you start writing your speech. It helps you generate maximum ideas on any topic, in minimum time.

Wondering how to do Brainstorming?

This video will help you understand and use this technique at its most!

Happy Learning to you!

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PS: You're blessed to have a voice! Don't let it go in vain! Speak Up! Talk about your ideas, your thoughts, and spread positivity through your words!