Hey there! I am Nancy Shah, I am a Trainer, I am a Public Speaker, I also work as an Anchor for different corporate social events.

I have recently started an initiative Speakers' Circle, It's a platform where we help people improve their public speaking skills. And in this article I am going to share few tips which will help you to improve your public speaking skills and your appearance on stage.

So let's get started!

1. How to organize the body of your speeches?

Like opening and conclusion, the body of your speech is equally vital. It is the heart and soul of your speech.

In this video, I am sharing tips that you can use while writing, framing, and organizing the Body part of your speeches! Happy Learning to you!

2. 25 Transition Statements that you can use in your speeches:

Transition Statements are phrases or sentences that connect one topic or idea to another, in your speech. They can create powerful links between the ideas and help the audience understand the logic of your speech.

Here, I am sharing some such Transition Statements that you can use; categorized by when can they be applied.

3. Things that you should not do in your speeches:

I have already shared videos where I tell you what techniques you can use to open your speeches!

However, we sometimes tend to make certain errors that should not be made while Public Speaking. Here, I bring your attention to things you should avoid doing on stage. This will be really helpful to you when you are preparing for your speeches. Take notes from this video and learn!

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PS: This is the third part of the Public Speaking Tips series by Nancy Shah, we will bring some more public speaking tips for you in our next article.

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