Global Leaders Of The Year 2020 | List Of The Most Influential People On LinkedIn

Global Leaders Of The Year 2020 | List Of The Most Influential People On LinkedIn

Today CONTRACTSANDFREELANCE is unveiling the list of the most influential people on LinkedIn: Global Leaders Of The Year 2020.

The lists that we published last year were highly praised and appreciated, was seen and liked by thousands of people. This year, as per your suggestions, we are publishing the list in alphabetical order and included 50 member’s profiles in this list.

We are publishing this list as a surprise for new year. And for creativity purpose, so that all LinkedIn users can follow these influential people and get inspiration. In this list we tried to include all influential people, who inspired people through their posts and works throughout the year.

This list is compiled on the basis of simple nominations through LinkedIn posts. This list includes members who are spreading awareness among people globally. Who are providing business, professional, and personal branding training. Those who are great entrepreneurs, business leaders, public speakers and global goodwill ambassadors, Who are performing brilliantly in their fields and influencing people globally. Those who are promoting gender equality and women empowerment, spreading awareness about nature and society. Who helped people and spread awareness in the COVID-19 pandemic. This list becomes more special because it is the result of our year-long research. 

Here is the list - Global Leaders Of The Year 2020 :

[A] Ahmad Imam

[A] Alma Alibegovic

[A] Col Amit Verma

[A] Andrada Anitei [MHA]

[A] Ash Playsted

[B] Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD, PHD

[B] Brian Schulman

[B] Bhupenddra Singh Raathore

[C] Cory Warfield

[D] Dhara Upadhyay

[D] Diana Nguyen

[D] Diksha Deo

[J] Jeremy Ruditis

[J] Jerin Hossain

[J] Jessica Yarbrough

[J] Joseph Saheb Bakhsh

[K] Kaisar Hamid

[K] Kiki Makrogiannis

[N] Nada Nayhi

[N] Naheed Khan

[N] Naishadh Gadani

[N] Nesli Neslihan Girgin

[P] Pallavi Mahajan

[P] Preeti 美丽 Chaudhary

[P] Preksha Kaparwan

[P] Priyanka Kumari

[R] Rabiah Bhatia

[R] Rachel Beck

[R] Rahila Khan

[R] Rajiv Handa

[R] Ralsi Sharma

[R] Rana Kordahi

[R] Rania Zervalaki Patrona

[R] Reena Strehle

[R] Rhys Thomas

[R] Rishabh Singh

[R] Rodica Dunlop

[R] Ron Malhotra

[S] Sanja Sremacki

[S] Shivvani Rawat

[S] Shaneé Moret

[S] Sridevi Bhagavatula

[S] Stella Da Silva

[S] Sunitha Bharadwaj

[S] Sunny Nagpal

[T] Titia Niehorster

[T] Tima Elhajj

[V] Vijith Kumar Nandanam

[V] Vivek Anand

[W] W. Kevin Ward

PS: Congratulations to all of you! Happy New Year 2021! 🎉🎊🏆