What you require to ace work from home like a pro | Essentials for WFH | Vanshita Agarwal

What you require to ace work from home like a pro | Essentials for WFH | Vanshita Agarwal
Vanshita Agarwal

What you require to ace work from home like a pro | Vanshita Agarwal

If you think ‘Work From Home’ isn’t your cup of tea, this article is for you.

Today, when the bizarre coronavirus has changed almost every aspect of our 'normal' lives, our homes have become our new workplaces. But often people shy away from this 'work from home', and dread its repercussions.

To cope up in this new modern and digital world, people need to change this perception. If you believe that attending live online meetings is something you can’t ace; trust us, you are missing out on a lot!

Work from home is not something to be conscious of, in fact, it comes with its own benefits and comforts. We mean, what’s better than working with your pyjamas on? And now that winters are here, which office would have allowed you to carry a blanket to work? 

In addition to this ease, working for home also provides you with flexible work hours and some extra quality time with your family.

Of course, we aren’t saying working from home is absolutely marvelous. But, with time and some efforts, you can definitely ace it. 

There is nothing that you cannot work upon at your home, except drinking from your office’s coffee machine, of course.

 Fortunately, with such advancements in technology, there are various tools and software available now for your assistance. These tools can help you supervise your employees, give them instructions as well as take work reports.

Online live video conferences have always been there for conducting meetings and any other Q-n-A sessions. 

The new advancement in AI has really spiced things up and sped up the work, both for the employees and well as the employers.

With the right planning, working from home can prove to be quite effective and productive, as well.

Freelancers and online workers have forever been working remotely, at home and there may be only a few of them who would like to join in-office work. Because let’s face it, offices can be stressful.

But everything always comes with their own pros and cons. It also depends upon the individual’s choice. 

But whatever it is, working from home may get you all panic-y and anxious, but take a deep breath and get your ass moving!

Since your home may not have an office-like environment and you may get deficient of the seriousness, with your family always loitering around (we feel you on this!), so below are some essentials that you will require to have your work on-point :

Essentials for working from home:

1. Laptop with a web camera

2. Headphones

3. Printer With Scanner 

5. Google Chrome

6. Skype / Google meet / Zoom application

7. Microsoft Office

8. Management Tools for Employers (Along with Google Chrome integration)

9. Virtual Call Center Solution

10. All required software depending upon your profession, such as Grammarly, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

All the above listed stuff that every in-office employer would require to work smoothly at home. However, given there are so many job types, it also depends upon the type of work you do and have been assigned with.

Happy working from home, y’all!

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