How to make a successful career ?

How to make a successful career. How to choose the perfect skill, How to choose the right startup, How to choose the right business partner, contracts and freelance

How to make a successful career ?

How to make a successful career? This is a complex question. We read many books, if the author himself is confused, then understand what your future will be. The most valuable thing is time, if you are able to make a successful career after choosing 10 options then your 10 years will be wasted in it.

You can make a successful career without wasting time only when you get the right guidance and that too at the right time. So I would like to say that start with whatever resources you have, if you want to do a job, then do, and if you want to start business, then start.

If you have done your studies, and do not have any skill, you do not know anything technical, or do not have any degree related to technical knowledge , then you should understand your status, then you should choose one skill according to your understanding. And should focus on it.

If you want to do business, then start at a small scale or choose a good partner and start with him, you will need a lot of knowledge and research related to business.

How to choose the perfect skill:

1. Choose a skill that is more likely to get a job and get a job soon.

2. To choose the right skills, you should go to various job portals and read the job descriptions and requirements carefully, and note down the skills, then choose the skill for yourself.

3. You should choose a skill that does not require any other skill to learn.

4. Choose a skill that after learning you do not need heavy technical gadgets and electronic items to start work or do practical.

5. For example, if you learn graphic designing, you will only need gadgets like laptops, software, and cameras.

How to choose the right startup:

1. Study the market and choose an option that is likely to be more successful in the near future.

2. Prioritize an option in which you do not need to invest on anything other than office, furniture and IT equipment, you can opt for finance, sales, outsourcing or software development or IT related options.

3. If you are interested in manufacturing, then you choose a product that other industries require.

4. Immense possibilities in e-commerce, you can generate good revenue from only one e-commerce website.

5. Whatever option you choose, you should pay special attention to the product, whether it is a service, a daily use product, or any material used in an industry.

How to choose the right business partner:

1. Choose a person as a business partner who is willing to invest in business with you and is willing to take any kind of risk.

2. Your business partner should have strategic planning, good sense and qualities of a good personality.

3. Your business partner should be such that in your absence he / she can work at your place, and manage it.

4. Your business partner must have startup-related skills to explain to employees, or to work with them when needed.

5. Your business partner should be honest, and a good friend.

PS: These tips and strategies are based on my own experience, use your discretion to implement them.