Top 100 Content Writers Of India 2020 | Linkedin Profile Rating List Of Best Content Writers In India

Top 100 Content Writers Of India 2020 | Linkedin Profile Rating List Of Best Content Writers In India

Finally the wait is over, today we are publishing LinkedIn profile rating list of Top 100 Content Writers Of India.

This list is special in many ways because this list included participants from across India, from all states and from all regions.

This list is totally different from all other lists because this list is impartial and genuine without any charges and marketing concepts.

People in this list not only a good writer but also good in personality, they're simple and of a helping nature.

We worked around 30 days for selecting members of this list, at first we shortlisted 3000 writers from across India again shortlisted 300 best writers of them, and reviewed their profiles and tried to contact them, also posted on LinkedIn to participate in this list and to nominate best writers. We tried at our level best to contact all best writers of all over India.

Second special thing about this list is that we didn't give preference to the number of followers and likes. We included those writers also who have only 100 followers on LinkedIn but they are best writers.

We read last 6 months posts of participant's timeline, read their comments on others posts, We also read their published articles and blogs. Actually this is LinkedIn profile rating list that's why we also looked professional profile pics, bio, descriptions, experiences and recommendations also. We reviewed their other social media profiles also like Twitter and Facebook.

The third special thing about this list is that numbers, ranks and position in the list isn't important, It is important to be featured in this list. Nobody is perfect, We also can make mistakes while preparing the list but all participants in this list are amazing personalities and best writers of India.

Here is the list of  Top 100 Content Writers Of India.

1. Aaina Chopra

Aaina Chopra✨ - Writer| storyteller with VICCO Laboratories - Vicco Laboratories | LinkedIn

Writing fascinates me and this is what describes me. Hey, I am Aaina.A writer who loves to create magic with words. To form a perfect write-up with power to engage and entertain the masses. I began freelance writing a couple of years back but I have always had a passion for the written word and the control behind it.

2. Vagisha Jain

Vagisha Jain - Storyteller: | Senior Content Writer: Cloth Look Fashions Media

Writing is an inseparable part of my soul. Every business, every person, every situation, everything small or big has a story that wants it to be heard. I just look for those and give them words that come right from the heart. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

3. Amrita Angappa

Amrita Angappa - Associate Consultant- Digital Marketing - iQuantM Technologies | LinkedIn

I am a proud content writer who had contributed for the platforms like Thrive Global, YourStory, HackerNoon and Elephant Journal. I have written 100+ Technical blogs on Emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, ML, Data Analytics and much more. I share tips, tricks, and useful career-related information. I was able to help out nearly 300 people who approached me directly after reading my posts. It has crossed over 5 million views. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

4. Richa Rupal

Richa Rupal - Principal | Writer | Visionary | Motivational Speaker | Storyteller

Principal | Writer | Visionary | Motivational Speaker | Storyteller | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

5. Aditi Jain

Aditi Jain - Freelancing in Digital Marketing and Content Writing - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

Budding Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist with 2 and a half years of experience with a demonstrated history of operating in the management consulting industry. Skilled in: Content Development, Google Ads, WordPress, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management.

6. Punita Parekh

Punita Parekh - Marketing Content Manager - Freelancer- Self employed | LinkedIn

I believe in humanity and helping others. We should help each other and never cover the truth just sugarcoat the facts, which hold us back from flourishing and becoming a better society or just a HUMAN! I am an optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

7. Shruti Badoni 

Shruti Badoni - Freelance Writer - Freelance | LinkedIn

21. Economics major, DU. I write. I have a keen interest towards Economics, Business, Finance, Data Analysis, and Content Writing. Strong skill set in Microsoft excel, MS word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Efficient in economics & commerce/business understanding. Worked as a blogger with a startup called 'Yellow Wall' & provided marketing content for a website called 'Choco Roost'.

8. Rutuja Ghuge

Rutuja Ghuge - Content Writer - Legaljini Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. | LinkedIn

I'm a highly enthusiastic professional and a very inquisitive opportunist who believes in the fundamental power of relationships. Along with a concrete enhancement of my professional competencies in the field of Legal & Regular compliance, I look forward to create & serve a sustainable, committed and a powerful network of professionals.

9. Kavita Gupta 

Kavita Gupta - Founder & Content Marketing Head - Kavita Empower Ventures | LinkedIn

Let's cut to the chase. 📌 I help new & small startup owners grow their business sales 📈 using LinkedIn Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Personal Branding tactics. Now, you must be thinking how do I do it? 👉🏻 I get on a quick call with you.

10. Preetika Dwivedi 

Preetika Dwivedi - Content Writer - The Unique Pens | LinkedIn

" It is a pleasure to write recommendation for Preetika! I have associated with her on various market research, writing and transcription assignments. Her understanding of client's requirements, writing skills and linguistic expertise differentiates her from others. She is meticulous, communicative and professional in her dealings and is highly recommended for any kind of such assignments.

11. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey - Web & Technical Content Writer - CG-VAK Software & Exports Ltd. | LinkedIn

Hello! Thanks for coming here to read about me! I'm a creative, skilled Content Writer, Copywriter, Content Marketer, and Social Media Marketer with 5+ years of experience. What can I do for you?

12. Pooja Dubey

Writer Pooja Dubey - Founder, Strategist, Trainer & Writer - Global Writers Academy | LinkedIn

"Writing is my oxygen," says Pooja Dubey, the founder of GWA Academy took shape in 2019 with a vision to create a safe haven and a sea of opportunities for writers to learn, grow, create, network and earn. Today, the academy provides professional training on three-levels to writers from all areas.

13. Kruti Varma 

Kruti Varma - Content Writer - TeamSEO | LinkedIn

Freelance Content Writer | Web Content Writer | Blog Post | Technical Content Writer | Blog Writer | Copy Writer | SEO Content Writer | Content Strategist | Ghost Writer | Article Writer | Guest Blog Post | Content Creation | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

14. Rajashree Purkayastha

Rajashree India | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

I'm Masters in Biotechnology.... yes, an amalgamation of scientific reasoning and spiritual credence. In order to know more about me, you have to read my posts and publications, as they would give my silent prologue.

 15. Revathy Nair

Revathy Nair - Freelance Content Writer - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

I'm a freelance content writer with a passion for writing fresh and engaging contents that can influence others. Backed by two years of experience in the data research industry. Looking for new opportunities to learn and work.

16. Garima Batra

Garima Batra - Freelance Content Writer - Fit Granth | LinkedIn

Hello everyone, Hope you are safe and doing well. I am a content writer during the day and an author at night. I am presently providing content creation and ideation services to my clients in the health and lifestyle verticals. I basically write on lifestyle (fashion, food, travel, passion, interests, etc.), motivational, health, and fitness niches.

17. Shayonee Dasgupta 

Shayonee Dasgupta - Freelance content writer - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

"'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!" ➡️WHY ME? In a sea full of content writers, what makes me different? I ventured into the world of freelance writing by accident. After working as a lawyer for one of India's leading law firms, I took a sabbatical because of ongoing struggles with mental health.

18. Neha Mulchandani 

Neha Mulchandani - Founder - Chapter IV: The Brand Boutique | LinkedIn

Understanding and developing a brand's story to further interact with the consumer base. As parents of children, we aim to raise a well-rounded individual with the perfect blend of Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Yet, when it comes to a brand that we are nourishing, intense focus is only provided to the IQ.

 19. Dhwani Sangani

Dhwani Sangani - Founder - CaptionWala | LinkedIn

" Dhwani helped us with content writing for our education tech startup - As you can see in the website, she has given very precise, crisp, connecting content as per our requirements. She is very good at understanding our requirements and there is little back and forth when it came to review and rework.

 20. Aiswarya Menon

Aiswarya Menon - Marketing Lead - Crio.Do | LinkedIn

A passionate writer who fell in love with Marketing. An SEO-fanatic who's obsessed with social media and its marketing. Striving each day to write content pieces worthwhile, that become absolute search-engine-favourites. Why stop at thinking out-of-the-box when you can live it! :) If you ask me to describe myself in a line...

 21. Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee

Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee - Junior Editor - Text Mercato Solutions Private Limited | LinkedIn

📌 I have two years of experience as a content writer, specializing in content related to education, business, lifestyle, literature, book-review, travel, and food. 📌 Before starting as a content writer, I spent six years as a Private Tutor and one year as a Spoken English Teacher at North Suburban College of Commerce.

 22. Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta - Freelance content writer - LoudChilli Media | LinkedIn

Hey, my name is Shivani Gupta and I am always bustling with ideas and creativity. Writing has become my only constant after a few experiences in customer support After I completed my MBA and started working with American Express, l never thought writing would become my full-time passion.

 23. Vibha Gupta

Vibha Gupta - Freelance Content Writer | LinkedIn

I am a passionate content writer who believes in making your story reach and connect the target groups through strategic web content placement, blogging, infographics, and promotional copies.

24. Shivangi Choudhary

Shivangi Choudhary - Content Writer - TheOS Systems Pvt Ltd | LinkedIn

"A vision to your mind from here is the passion for my life" Creative writing and blogging have always been my niche for which I'm currently working as a content writer in The OS System Pvt. Ltd.

 25. Bhabani Moharana

Bhabani Moharana - Content Writing - New Essex Builder | LinkedIn

I am a fulltime content writer as well as a part-time YouTuber. specialized in writing SEO friendly and plagiarism free articles. I am an experienced and professional content writer, well trained in various tasks including article writing, web content, blog writing, report writing, social media content, product description, etc.

26. Shristy Sharma 

Shristy Sharma (She/ Her) - Content Writer(intern) - StartupTalky | LinkedIn

Do you believe in magic?✨ I do They say words are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have. And I believe I'm a magician. A magician who curates this magic of words.

 27. Dipiya Jain

Dipiya Jain - Content Writer | Linkedin Personal Branding Coach

I am a Content Writer and LinkedIn Personal Branding Coach helping people get 'noticed' on LinkedIn for stepping onto amazing conversations. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

28. Bhavana BP

Bhavana BP - Founder - Let Me Listen | LinkedIn

" Bhavana's listening and coaching skills are out of this world. As she prepares to listen to universe more and more, she's becoming more empowering to the people around her. Bhavana's work as a soulpreneur, author, connector, coach and human being is evident from her book, compassion, willingness and positive attitude.

29. Nainika Gautam 

Nainika (Gautam) Sharma Content Manager | Content Writer | Content | Content Editor | Content Marketing Strategy | Bibliophile

I am a Technical Content Writer at one of the reputed global IT firms. Having a passion for writing and expressing my opinions to the world in poetic forms, I have written various short stories and articles, which are a part of some of the prestigious books. I have been an ardent lover of technology and take pride in writing educative pieces that enlighten the world about the magic weaved by technology.

30. Ankita Ahuja

Ankita Ahuja - Web Content Writer | Copywriter | Blogger - WordMindScapes | LinkedIn

" Ankita is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in content writing. She did a marvellous job and always report to work very early Ankita, as a content manager, would be an asset to any client that will hire her services.

 31. Vibha Soni

Vibha Soni - Freelance Academic & Technical Content Writer - Self-employed writer/author, other companies based on freelance | LinkedIn

My headline and cover page are clearly saying that I am a freelance writer and published author. My education specialization in computer science. I am doing academic writing, technical content writing, and content writing.

 32. Garima Kandari

Garima Kandari - Content Writer - Self Employed | LinkedIn

I am a zealous content writer, editor and trainer. I carry with me an experience of 4 years in the Content Writing Industry which is exploited in developing stellar content that addresses the needs of my clients. I am serving clients for their content, editing and translation needs.

33. Pratibha Yadav 

Pratibha Yadav - Contributing Writer - Hacker Noon | LinkedIn

Hi there!looking for time-bound, well researched, grammatically correct and unique content?You have landed at the right profile! I believe in producing valuable and unique content. # You describe your brand and perspective, rest will be taken care of by me.From writing web content, social media content that matches your brand tone to writing articles, conversational blogs, quirky or engaging content, I am there for you!

34. Mrignayni Pandey

Mrignayni Pandey - Digital Marketer and Content Creator - Verse Networks | LinkedIn

Looking for a good content writer? I can deliver- * High quality SEO articles and blogs that can take your business to the next level!

35. Cicy Mary Mathew 

Cicy Mary Mathew - Contributing Writer - Point 2 Note | LinkedIn

An electrical engineer who stumbled upon the world of words by sheer luck. I have written blog posts related to electrical engineering subjects, product reviews, news abstracts, and website /app content. I have helped Ph.D. clients with communicating their work in refined words.

36. Aparna Dolia

Aparna Dolia - Content Specialist - India | Ed-Tech - ByteDance | LinkedIn

I am a Content Chef, Storyteller, Video Presenter, Educator, and Explorer. An Electronics Engineer by degree and a Content Producer by passion. Producing educational content for millions of learners out there. Having covered a variety of audience from school students to working professionals, have now given me a knack of delivering the right content in the right way!

37. Chetna Tripathi

Chetna Tripathi - Blogger - The Life | | LinkedIn

I am owner and writer at www.chetnatripathi.comMy website is my portfolio. I have experience in content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and personal branding on social media.

38. Neha Nanda  

Neha Nanda - Content Writer - Net Solutions | LinkedIn

Content Writer| Digital Marketer | Hubspot Content Marketing Certified | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

39. Shruti Dugar

Shruti Dugar | eCommerce Copywriter, Editor & Author

Hi, reader! I welcome you to my e-space on LinkedIn. From what I've experienced through my years of being an active social media user, the primary aim of any social media platform is to give everyone the access to launch their personal brand so they eventually develop a loyal audience, their tribe!

40. Gargi Vyas

Gargi Vyas - Freelance Writer - Self Employed at Freelance | LinkedIn

Freelance Content Developer/Writer/Copy Editor/Blogger with flair and excellent writing skills with communication skills in content creation, editing and writing capabilities along with polished writing, editing, design and presentation skills as a consequence of exposure to a variety of work functions.

41. Bhagyashree Choudhary 

Bhagyashree Choudhary - Content Writer - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

Experienced Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in various niches. Skilled in English, Web Content Creation, Web Content Writing, Article writing ,Press releases,Business listings, social media marketing, digital marketing.

42. Shreya Ananth 

Shreya Ananth - Founder & CEO - Writorek | LinkedIn

Let's put an end to boring introductions and start with style. Blazer on, pen in hand and glasses adjusted, here I present to you, Shreya Ananth. Quite a dramatic introduction but good enough to keep you hooked to read further right?

43. Mini Garg 

Mini Garg - Writer, Translator, Subtitler | Miniwrites Content Services

"I am a Writer, Translator and a huge fan of Multimedia! I want to explore more, learn more, and this is the best way for me to extend the circle and limits of my wisdom. Writing has always been my hobby, passion and primary interest, and gladly, now it is my career.

44. Palak Gupta 

Palak Gupta - Freelance Content Writer - Gradeup (Gradestack Learning Pvt Ltd) | LinkedIn

Freelance Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in influencer marketing , Online Data Entry, Social Media, and Teaching. Strong media and communication professional with a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in finance and marketing from GND University College, Near Govt.

45. Anjali Pallath 

Anjali Pallath - Content Creator - Pepper | LinkedIn

Experienced Writing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Management, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Office. Strong media and communication professional graduated from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University.

46. Ashmita Karva 

Ashmita Karva - Influencer - Quora | LinkedIn

The proof, of course, is the words. In this day and time of social distancing and digital interactions, finding the right words is more important than ever before. As a writer I strive to under-promise but over-deliver quality works of unprecedented comparisons.

47. Gayatri Sathian

Gayatri Sathian - Marketing Executive - PVR Pictures Ltd | LinkedIn

A media graduate with a deep love for all things marketing. I've had the fortune of working with over 10 companies which include Hindustan Unilever, Autocar India, Bombay Churros, Times of India and Unschool to name a few in the last 5 years of my college life which have helped me develop my skills in various verticals.

48. Kinjal Shah

Dr. Kinjal Shah - Freelance Writer - Freelance health content writer | LinkedIn

I enjoy writing about health and fitness. It excites me to help the audience with simple answers to create a healthier lifestyle. I believe in research, make sense out of it, and put in simple language.

49. Shubham Shrivastava 

Shubham Shrivastava - Freelance Content Writer - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

Hello there! 👋 📌 Quick question, Do You Know Why Aren't You Generating More Sales? Think about it and I'll answer it before you end up reading this. Since you visited my profile, there's also a fair chance that you're looking for a content writer.

50. Amrita Mishra 

Amrita Mishra - Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Head - Zenithec Techware | LinkedIn

Blogging, Digital Marketing, Motivating.Three most important things I can help you with.(Always ready to help in any way possible) Student, Content Writer, Entrepreneur.Three professional roles that I fit myself into. YourStory, Thrive Global, JohnnyOddSocks.comThree places I've been featured at (till now). Empathetic, Honest, Trustworthy.Three qualities my clients describe me with.

51. Lognojita Bhattacharya 

Lognojita Bhattacharya 律‍♀️ - Blogger - Lyfacharya | LinkedIn

Hi, I'm Lognojita Bhattacharya, a Bibliophile, a fitness freak, a thinker, and above all a content creator and writer. Now back into 'About Me'. Being ridiculously introvert, I always have been immensely passionate about writing since my childhood; it helped me building 'Word Castles' of the unspoken thoughts.

52. Ashita Verma 

Ashita Verma - Content Writer - Freelance | LinkedIn

Who am I ? A passionate writer who knows her way around words. A content creator, helping brands and businesses build their presence & creating content for websites. A health blogger, who can help you achieve your diet and nutrition goals through motivating and engaging content.

53. Neel Vithlani 

Neel Vithlani - Content Writer - OpenXcell ( CMMI Level 3 ) | LinkedIn

I make extensive use of: Research · Expert Opinions · Statistics · Examples · Case Studies · Suitable Content Structures · Infographics To Deliver Best On-Page SEO Optimization And Valuable Content For Readers. ---- An engineer turned writer who enjoys working on technology, business practices, management philosophies, innovations, and of course SEO.

54. Taniya Jain 

Taniya Jain - Free Lance writer - Free-lance Writer | LinkedIn

My passion for writing can be traced back to my school and college days. Be it writing articles for my school magazines or poems for college, I give voice to my opinions through pen and paper. Outside the world of writing, you'll find me home tutorinG.

55. Seerat Kaur 

Seerat Kaur - Content Marketer - | LinkedIn

An accomplished professional with extensive experience in Marketing, Content Writing, Content Management, and Designing. Creative, imaginative, and team-oriented individual with an eye for detail. Specializing in the strategic development and distribution of high-quality content that educates, entertains, and persuades across different audience personas.

56. Nikita Aggarwal

Nikita Aggarwal - Blogger - The Green Acts | LinkedIn

I am a sustainable life enthusiast and wholeheartedly believe that We should live a sustainable life. This is because of these major reasons - 👉 We are facing the problem of "rise in temperature", aka climate change, since past many years and experts claim, it's majorly because of human activities.

57. Rashmi Byakodi 

Dr.Rashmi Byakodi - Health Writer - Best for Nutrition | LinkedIn

I am Dr.Rashmi, a Health and wellness writer. I love helping health professionals to transform their business, generate more leads, and grow in the health industry. Being a doctor and a health writer, I understand the needs of the health content better and can deliver the perfect content with the right call to action.

58. Dishi Mehrotra 

Dishi Mehrotra - Content Editor/ Writer - freelance writer, editor | LinkedIn

Responsible for curating content from scratch. Write, Edit, and Proofread Content. Writing Articles and Blog posts. Writing product reviews, technical content, guest posts, Web pages etc. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

59. Lipi Jain 

Lipi Jain - Assistant Manager - Content Department - Reinvent Digital Media Pvt Ltd | LinkedIn

I am an engineer-cum-writer, working actively in the field of content writing for more than 5 years. I love to write and like to help my clients with their content writing requirements. I've tried and tested my writing skills in diverse niches and now I've gained expertise in web, blog, SEO, and academic writing.

60. Gurleen Sethi

Gurleen Sethi - Content Creator - One Line Canvas | LinkedIn

Content Creator | Content Writer and Proofreader | Reporter Journalist | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

61. Reva Bhardwaj

Reva Bhardwaj - Intern Analyst (Environment and Climate Change) - MSME Business Forum INDIA | LinkedIn

I am a biotechnology engineering last year student. I've a keen interest in industrial and environmental biotechnology. I am currently working on "Chemo-enzymatic methods for Carbon dioxide capture and conversion into industrially important products".

62. Mahima Jalan

Mahima Jalan - Founder - TheMillennialWriter1 | LinkedIn

Pursuing Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. - My forte is content creation and I like to write about topics that are relatable to the millennial. Even one comment on my blog which says "I totally agree with you.." makes my day, because I genuinely put my heart and soul in my blogs.

63. Surabhi Kedia 

Surabhi Kedia - Copywriter & Content Writer - Self-Employed | LinkedIn

Salesy, cringey, bulky, on-the-face content puts me off. So, I decided to turn it around. ...with content that engages, informs, educates, and most importantly converts. But then access to the internet became easier than ever... and our attention was divided into so many other things. Answering to emails. Replying to texts.

64.  Unnati Gupta

Unnati Gupta - Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Content Writing, Academic Writing, Blogs, Social Media Startegy, Website Content, LinkedIn Posts, Brand Awareness, Copywritting, Marketing, Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

 65. Ritu Jain 

Ritu Jain - Delhi, India | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

I have been doing freelancing occasionally from around four years from now. I stepped into full time freelancing in November last year. I have been trying different genres of writing since then and gained a lot of experience and exposure by working with different clients.

66. Devanshi Pandey 

Devanshi Pandey - Media Relations Executive - NewsVoir | LinkedIn

Experienced Media Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the new media and media relations industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Communication, Journalism, Content Management Systems (CMS), and English. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelors of arts (Journalism and mass communication) focused in Business/Commerce, General from St.

67. Lakshmi Padmanaban

Lakshmi Padmanaban - Independent Content Specialist - Independent Content Specialist | LinkedIn

Coffee? Tea? Juice? Soda? Or Just Water? What do your customer prefer? Copywriting isn't just putting together a bunch of words that describes what you sell. You need to connect with the customer. And by connect, I mean really connect through the same language. So, going back to the question, what does your ideal customer prefer?

68. Florentina Martin  

Florentina Martin - Senior Executive, Content Writing - SPi Global | LinkedIn

Hi, I'm Florentina. I'm an artist at heart, channeling my creativity to brew unique and fresh content. By profession, I'm a Content Writer specializing in SEO Copywriting, Storytelling, and Blogging. With "digitization" being today's trend, I'm intrigued by the concept of Digital Marketing and am gaining knowledge on how to use current marketing techniques to best suit your business needs.

69. Sangita Nath

Sangita Nath - University of Calcutta - Kolkata, West Bengal, India | LinkedIn

A motivated, hard working yet fun loving individual, I'm a fresher who has a knack for Content Writing. I think outside the box and come up with creative solutions on a given problem. I'm an opportunist and I always look forward to learn something new.

70. Vidhi Shah 

Vidhi Shah Gosalia - Creative Writer - News Aayog | LinkedIn

I believe in Live simple but Significant! Being connected to world of words is my dream & along with it I have explored mass communication prospects where I got opportunity to sharpen my skills as An anchor, reporter & journalist.Moreover blogging has always been an area of my core interest!Think good, read better, write best!

71. Sampurna Chakraborty 

Sampurna Chakraborty - Writer - Find Your Pie | LinkedIn

Freelancer/Content Writer open for service Hi, I am Sampurna Chakraborty, a writer by passion and a creator by choice. I have been into writing since my childhood days. From poems and scribbles to short stories and drama, I have always penned down my emotions and feelings into words and sentences.

72. Jyothi Dhiman 

Jyothi Dhiman - Associate Editor at Federation Of All India Caterers

I am a seasoned content writer, copywriter, editor and LinkedIn strategist. I strictly believe in "write like an angel and edit like a devil." And I love to switch between being an angel and a devil.

73. Falguni Jain

Falguni Jain - Content Editor - What's In Your Story | LinkedIn

Freelance editor skilled in Line Editing, Copy Editing, and Developmental Editing. Experienced Treasurer with a demonstrated history of working in the philanthropy industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Strategic Planning, Accounting, and Microsoft Office. Former finance professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from Gargi College.

74. Celeste David 

Celeste David - Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Hi! As a writer exploring her opportunities, I hold two years of experience in the public relations and content marketing industries. *Here's how I contributed* 👇 👉 Had the honor of developing content for The Centena Group, Myntra and Tanishq. This involved short-form/ long-form blogging, pitches/ press releases and copywriting for social media.

75. Chithrakala Babu 

Chithrakala Babu - Content Writer - Frost Interactive | LinkedIn

Hi, thanks for reading this! I am working towards a future where I can lead and influence. A future where my brand is celebrated. I love what I do and I do what I love. I am a passionate and creative individual whose interest lies in two things - writing and teaching.

76. Shweta Gautam 

Shweta Gautam - Jawaharlal Nehru University - New Delhi, Delhi, India | LinkedIn

Hi, I am Shweta 🥀 A Blog post Writer. Researcher - Writing short & long-form blog posts, articles 🦋 For LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS BRANDS/ BUSINESSES/ COACHES 🌟 Skilled in writing, proofreading, blogging, and editing 💫 I thrive to take your content worries on me and deliver the best results.

77. Anjali Kumari

Anjali Kumari - Web Content Writer - | LinkedIn

Web Content Writer | Aspiring Radio Jockey | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

78. Rajni Yadav 

Rajni Yadav - Marketing And Business Development Intern - ignite brains | LinkedIn

I am campus ambassador at various platforms like AICRA, interncraft, NSE, flaneur, fliquaindia, Webdy, Ridobiko, etc...I am also working as a webinar coordinator I am also working as a business development intern at these above platform as well and some more like CWS, Unschool, ignite brains, youth for work, SMHM, CeedMy, Evilato, ATG etc.

79. Khushboo Purohit 

Khushboo Purohit - Founder - Contentgy | LinkedIn

Experienced Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Microsoft Word, Anti Money Laundering, Market Research, and Management. Strong media and communication professional with a Post graduate Diploma in Management focused in Finance from MIT School of Business, Pune (MITWPU).

80. Sanchalika Datta 

Sanchalika Datta - Editorial team member - Developer Student Clubs | LinkedIn

Hi, I am Sanchalika. I'm a people person. Being very much passionate , I always like to indulge myself in learning new skills and would also like to explore a arena of modern science and technology and utilize my knowledge in near future.

81. Anjali Pandey 

Anjali Pandey - Web Content Writer - Baccalaureate classes | LinkedIn

Published co author of a book, received recognition by writing a poem for Central India's leading Newspaper, THE HITAVADA. I lead the content writing team at WebXGrow Solutions while working as a content writer. Experienced IB, CBSE and ICSE English Language and Literature Facilitator with demonstrated history of working in an education industry.

82. Nidhi Rastogi

Nidhi Rastogi - Content Writer - Webllisto Technologies Pvt Ltd | LinkedIn

I am a Freelance Content Writer, and have writing experience in various niches! I have more than 3 years of experience and have done 3 internships successfully.I have been featured in Sheroes, and my articles/blogs have been published.

83. Barnali Roy 

Barnali Roy - Content Writer - Freelance, self-employed | LinkedIn

Content Creator, Blogger and Communication Trainer with a zeal to make an impact! Adept in behavioral coaching, mentoring and counselling. Love lifestyle, travel and food blogging. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

84. Akansha Dalmia 

Akansha Dalmia - Content Writer - Self Employed | LinkedIn

My graduation (Food Technology) exams required lengthy answers which were difficult to complete in 3 hours. I developed my writing skills then - dividing the answers into parts and highlighting them with subheadings. Incorporating more bullet points instead of paragraphs so that I know I'm not over writing and wasting time.

85. Amita Dongre 

Amita Dongre - Content Writer - Freelance | LinkedIn

I'm a Content Writer by profession and passionate about Arts It's been 2+ years since I've read and researched day by day to build a profile and write content on various niche. My work includes thorough research before penning down my thoughts on any topic. I believe in writing down my own experience and perspective.

86. Richa Mehta

Richa Mehta - Senior Content Writer - Intesols - Intelligent Solutions | LinkedIn

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." There has to be a word which perfectly captures how it feels to have the world at your fingertips, with the ability to get whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want.

87. Harleen Kaur

Harleen Kaur - Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Working with Spade EMS as 'Head Of Digital Marketing’ and handling their all social media handles and creating content for them. Worked with Medhaavi Digital as Content Writing and Digital Marketing intern. Keen area of interests in Content Writing and Digital Marketing. She is an MBA in HR and Marketing.

88. Vanshita Agarwal

Vanshita Agarwal - Content Writer - Digital Nazis | LinkedIn

A fresher with even fresher ideas. I am a voracious reader at heart and a writer by passion. Always up to grab opportunities, learn new things and be a better version of myself. I am keen on acquiring new skills and honing up my present ones!

89. Juhi Shrivastava 

Juhi Shrivastava - Freelance Content Writer | LinkedIn

I’m a freelance content writer with 6+ years of experience writing in different niches. Over the years, I have written for over 100+ clients in niches such as SEO, Digital marketing, B2B, SaaS, Web designing and development, Mobile development, Cloud solutions, Health, Education, and many more.

90. Sameeksha Jain

Sameeksha Jain - Executive Content Writer - VGL Group Jaipur | LinkedIn

Experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Microsoft Word, Instagram, English, and Management. Strong media and communication professional with a Master of Arts - MA focused on English Language and Literature, General from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

91. Devprabha Joshi

Devprabha Joshi - Looking for Work - Looking For Job | LinkedIn

Star made me Pisces. No one is more imaginative and more creative than Pisces.A Writer, An Actor, A Mind full of creative Ideas, A person on the path of success, A girl with lots of dreams, A future icon for many of like me.A professional content writer with a strong sense of unique and plagiarised content.Well versed in English and Hindi writing both.

92. Vidya Vishwakarma 

Vidya Vishwakarma - Content Writer | Creative Writer

Writing Content,curating creative content for various websites. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

93. Dhara Tanna 

Dhara Tanna - Content Creator | Blogger | Social Media Marketer | Author

Experienced Digital Marketing Professional, Have Experience in SEO Analysis Keyword Research Writing Social Media Marketing and a Content writer. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

94. Pratyusha Chakraborty 

Pratyusha Chakraborty - Technical content writer - SCRIPTEVOLVE PRIVATE LIMITED | LinkedIn

I am Pratyusha Chakraborty. I do work as technical content writer as well as Search Enngine Optimizer in ScriptEvolve Pvt Ltd Company for 11 months.I have gained the experience in technical writings on different frameworks, Website testing, SEO with proper meta keyword,meta description, regular website content writing, blogging on event planning and gadgets reviews, Website editing etc.

95. Pavithra Periswamy 

Pavithra Periswamy - Scientific Writer - MolecularCloud | LinkedIn

Master's Graduate in Genetics Skilled in Molecular Biology, Neurology, Immunity etc. -Experience in collecting, Evaluating, modeling and analyzing data.-Reviewing and Quality check of Protocol, CRF, ICF, CSR and other study related documents.-Study conduct: Participated in initiation visits and investigators meetings, implementing trails in accordance with study timelines and budgets.-Maintained Compliance with protocol covering patient care and clinical trial operations.-Data sheet Generation, Data feed and Data Quality Check.-Handling AE and protocol deviation.

96. Meera Bhadran 

Meera Bhadran - Freelance Writer - | LinkedIn

Experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Web Content Creation, English Translation, Social Media Blogging, SEO Copywriting, and Content Curation. Strong media and communication professional with a Post Graduation in Journalism focused in Communication and Media Studies from Asian College of Journalism.

97. Smita Agarwal 

Smita Agarwal - Content Writer - BleedingAge | LinkedIn

Newsletter writer at BleedingAge | Student at Silicon Institute of Technology | Content writer at Pepper Content | Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

98. Anamika Bharti 

Anamika Bharti - Content Writer - TV Season Spoilers | LinkedIn

Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry. Skilled in Web Content Writing, Painting, Creativity Skills, Microsoft Office, and Graphic Design. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies from Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal.

99. Swetha Prasanna Gangavarapu 

Swetha Prasanna Gangavarapu - Senior Content Writer | Content Strategy and Marketing | Entrepreneur

Certified Content Marketer with firsthand experience in Social media management, SEO writing, articles, blogs, and designing social media content. Featured: Top 100 Content Writers Of India

100. Trupti Jumle 

Trupti Jumle - Content writer | Creator | Reader | Storyteller | Aspiring TED talk speaker | Enthusiastic photographer

I love to be a beginner ☺ I believe in humanity, honesty & compassion! In days where humans are acting like animals being human is a great act, one could do! I believe in being human! talking about honesty, it's blended within me!I'm simple & straight in my views, kind of blunt but real & genuine, that's what matters the most, being real!

PS: This list is published for the purpose of creativity only! There are thousands of best writers on LinkedIn, We just tried to introduce only a few content writers to you, so that you can read their articles and follow them.