Top 10 Image Consultants & Soft Skill Trainers On LinkedIn | 2020

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Today CONTRACTSANDFREELANCE is unveiling LinkedIn Profile rating list of Top 10 Image Consultants & Soft Skill Trainers On LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Profile rating lists that we posted earlier were highly appreciated and praised by people, that lists were seen and liked by thousands of peoples.

This list is special in many means, There are amazing personalities in this list who stay connected with their connections and followers on LinkedIn. And responding to their reactions and tags.

Parameters of selection in this list are: Simplicity, helping others in grow, Interactions with connections and all followers and try to solve current social issues. How active they are on social media, and how many people are following them on different social media networks, and numbers of subscribers; these all things were also a parameter.

You can see this list like the entire famous lists which are very popular, Because this list includes all those special personalities from across India, Who are performing brilliantly in Image Management, Soft Skill Training and Personality Development industry. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Image Consultants & Soft Skill Trainers On LinkedIn.

[1] Greeshma Thampi

Greeshma is an MBA and a Certified Image Management Consultant. Her focus has been on corporate training and group workshops. She has conducted over 700 workshops addressing close to 12,500 participants in India and the Middle East.

She has successfully designed and delivered quality corporate training programs for employees at various levels and across industries like Education, Banking & Finance, Media, Retail, Pharma, Manufacturing and Consulting.

She has conducted training programs for companies like BNP Paribas, Deloitte, JM Financials, Religare Wealth Management, Reliance ADAG, Tata Group, Oberoi Group to name a few.

Trained by the Senior most Image Consultant internationally, she is also the Master Trainer at “Femina Believe Learning Academy” (A Times of India initiative).

Prior to setting up the company, she has worked as an HR professional with an IT MNC.

By combining learning's from management education, professional experience and people skills, she encourages people to reach their potential through Image Management. She has featured as an expert on dining etiquette on the first reality television show on image management in the world, “Image Banani Hai” on Zoom. She has also been interviewed on Radio City 91.1 and has featured in various national dailies like Times of India, Times Ascent, Bombay Times, DNA, The New Indian Express, and The Economic Times.

[2] Asmita Neve-Pawar

Being a Certified Image Consultant, Lingerie Expert, and Soft Skills Trainer & Corporate Trainer, She helps individuals built their personal brand. Her achievements lie in impacting lives of more than 5500 participants in over 100+ workshops and Coaching 80 individuals (VPs, CEOs, Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Students, Housewives etc).

She has trained in Corporate sectors like Mercedes Benz, Wockhardt, Axis Finance, IDBI Bank, Kesari Tours etc. as well as PSUs and Educational institutions.
Her areas of expertise are Power Dressing, Grooming, Body Language, Etiquette, Creating Executive Presence, Behavioral Training and Lingerie which is an exclusive workshop for Women considering the health concerns faced by them.

She has been featured in offline & offline media, below are few of them are:

1. The Hindu
2. Mid Day
3. Koon Kanya
4. Health & Nutrition Magazine
5. Maharashtra Times
6. Startupstory[dot]org
7. Narishakhi[dot]com
8. LAJA- Worth Being Women

Asmita believes, "Everyone can look good. And when you look good, you feel good. And, when you feel good, you tend to give your best."

[3] Geeta Sharma

Geeta Sharma is the First Certified Image Consultant in Jharkhand, Ranchi, trained under the Curriculum from Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, from ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute). She is a Certified Soft Skills Trainer, trained from ICBI, which is accredited by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

She is also Certified by ICBI for 'Train the Trainer' (TTT) which is accredited by NABET (National Accreditation Board For Education And Training). She is a Certified Professional member of IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association).

She is a member of Jharkhand State Council for Child Welfare. She is the Chairperson and Trustee of Adhee Happy Home - a non profit organization for the education of underprivileged children.

She works with government, educationists, corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in India to maximize image and brand for personal and business success.

She works on your visual, communication and soft skills to bring forth your best. She helps people to be the best version of themselves and empowering them to project an authentic, appropriate and attractive image.

She inspires individuals to find their own individual style because when you look and feel great, it does wonders for your self confidence. She REDISCOVERS what you have and ENRICHES it.

Her motto is ''Non Desistas Non Exieris''- ''Never Give Up, Never Surrender.'' 

[4] Bhavdeep Kohli

Ms. Kohli training focus more on effective communication includes non-verbal communication like body language, expressions, gestures etc. and verbal communication skills like voice modulation, pitch etc.

Her sessions are super engaging with a lot of activities, role plays related to effective communication, barriers in communication, distortion in communication etc.

Some of the best training and workshops she conducts;

Public Speaking Skills training is to learn the art of effective public speaking and to build confidence and to overcome the stage fear and learn how to address audience. It involves a lot of engagement with audience like impromptu speeches, 1-1 feedback on the areas of improvements, positive points.

Team Work and Team Building/Leadership training is on effective team work, collaboration and cooperation as a team player. It involves more group activities, ice breakers, role-plays and games and lot of real life examples and stories are shared in this session. There will be lot of activities, energizers and exercises.

Interview Skills and Group Discussion training is to enhance effective interview skills and group discussion skills. This engaging sessions focuses on grooming, appearance, first impression, positive body language, gestures, posture, speaking clearly with confidence. This involves a lot of interview role plays, group discussions on random topics, Do's and Don'ts, etiquette of group discussions.

If you happened to searching for an outstanding Soft Skill Trainer who can create a huge impact in your organization, then you are at right place knowing about right person.

[5] Sapana Kedia

It is my passion to make a positive impact on people's lives. i do the same not through the ready material, but I do lots of research by taking interviews and then come up with my modules. My objective is to make people believe in themselves and know that they CAN if they are guided right.
She has always lived by the thought that being women is a boon to cherish. Hailing from a small thought with a dream to make it big has brought her so far. An avid reader, passionate writer, active learner and a trainer with lots of confidence and cheery & chirpy persona makes her standout.

She has will, to bring transition in people’s lives & touch them with practical approach. Her psychology background gives an advantage to understand the said unsaid need of her clients.

She writes on women. Her writings explore the patterns of conflict and interaction between forces of the women's vernacular and aesthetic state of her inner self. She realized that unless skills are developed in women, it is impossible to liberate them from the terrible burden of inferiority and dependence.

Her contribution in the field of research for women is great.
She is also a psychologist dealing with young generation who guides them to take steps in right direction.
She's a Freelance Trainer in the Soft Skills space ranging from Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Prevention from Sexual Abuse, etc.

[6] Prathibha Gupta

Prathibha Gupta is Founder & Director of 'Prathibha's Ornate Image consulting', Prathibha is a Certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, a certified Soft Skill trainer from National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), and also certified Soft Skills Trainer by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

Every individual has a hidden persona which sometimes is enveloped by a shell, just like a pearl in the oyster, we at Ornate “Bring out the pearl in you”. 

Recently in april 2020 She is  appointed as the STATE PRESIDENT of Tamil Nadu, WEE, CIMSME/ICTMAE (Confederation of Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises ).

[7] Madhu Ranjeet Singh

Madhu Ranjit Singh is a Certified Image Consultant, Interior Designer, Reebok Fitness Trainer, Saree Stylist, and Emotional Intelligence Trainer.

A passionate, creative being, have been organizing peoples lives by designing their homes and enhancing peoples lives by enhancing their images according to their roles and goals respecting their personal style.

According to her LinkedIn profile She belongs to Thane, Mumbai, ; She is an MBA and also did Bachelor's degree in pharmacy.

She has 7 years corporate work experience and more than 11 years as a creative entrepreneur.

She is Founder of Madhu Ranjeet Singh Image Consultancy and Creative Head at Inner Space: Interior Design and Consultation.

Madhu Ranjeet Singh Image Consultancy makes people look, feel and act/behave good by working on their Appearance, Body Language, Communication and Etiquette resulting into a more "Confident YOU" thus achieving your Goals. Ability to truly connect with customers, understand their personal styles/specific requirements and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve is what differentiates MRSIC from other businesses.

Specialties In:

1. Saree Draping Practical Workshops
2. One on One Consultations
3. Interview Ready
4. Corporate Training

[8] Kavita Batra

People listen with their Eyes so you need to speak with your Appearance, Redesign your Appearance with Kavita Batra, An Image Consultant. Image Consulting is not just about fashion, It’s about finding out what flatters you and boost the morale.
Kavita Batra is a certified Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Auditor, and General Etiquette & Grooming Trainer. She is HR Head at 7 Star Company Pvt Ltd.

She is a Post Graduate in MBA- International Business & HR and a Certified Image Consultant and a Soft skills Trainer.

As a Trainer She strongly believe that training's must be tailored and adapted to realize the developmental needs of the different participants and the objectives of the organization.

She helps people from different backgrounds, right from students and homemakers to working professionals in the field of Image Enhancement. She believes everyone has the ability to change, upgrade and succeed irrespective of their backgrounds.
One may be highly skilled but if the person lacks the ability to present, explain or describe, he faces challenges to progress.
She conducts activity based training programs to maximize the learning and making the sessions interesting and fun filled.

As an Image Consultant She focuses on unleashing the power of a person’s outer branding and inner potential. Her passion for what She does comes from empowering her clients holistically to look polished, feel positive and pursue their dreams with renewed confidence.

She offers group workshops and individual training in areas such as Image Consultancy, Soft Skills, Personality Development, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Management, Guided Shopping, Personal Brand Management and Grooming for Success and Potential Management, Body language, Public speaking, appropriate dressing and many more.
Create your own style, Let it be unique for yourself & yet identifiable for others. 

[9] Tanya Aggarwal

Ms. Tanya Aggarwal is the Chief Image Consultant, Soft Skill Trainer and Personality Development Mentor at Center for Image and Soft Skill Development, a freelancing firm started by her. Her vision and mission includes Rediscovery, Redesigning and Reflecting oneself as their improved version showcasing their true potential to the outer world.

She does this using a 3 step methodology called AIE method which is Analyse, Improvise and Execute via Experiential Learning.

She has trained over 1200+ participants across schools, colleges and NGOs. Her passion, enthusiasm and devotion to train, mentor and educate has led her to expand and share her knowledge and skills in the domain of image management, soft skills and personality development which stands in the need of an hour and has enabled her to transform and reinvent the lives of people inside-out resulting in self- discovery, self-awareness and confident personality.

Some of her specialization includes:

1. Time and Stress management
2. Goal setting
3. Etiquette and Grooming
4. Confidence Building
5. Ace your Interviews
6. First Impressions
8. Communication
9. Body Language
10. Team Building and many more.

She is a jolly, enthusiastic and creative person who likes to travel, listen music and interact with people and nature.

If you would like to connect with her, drop her a text and she would be happy to interact and counsel you.
Happy Life, Happy Living, Happy Transformation

[10] Shivangi Narula

So many things can make an enormous impact on the lives of those who surround us. The ability to be able to share knowledge, experience, and leadership is beneficial to those on both the giving and receiving ends.

Her passion is being able to make a difference in the lives of those She touches, positively affecting her colleagues’ development while serving as an advisor, mentor, and trainer.

She is a confident and highly organized Training professional with a vast experience in Language Training, IELTS Training, Personality Development Training, Soft skills Training, Image Makeover, etc. Rapidly assimilating and learning processes applicable to in-house and independent operations, consistently impressing employers which has fast- track advancement to more effective and relevant positions.

As the landscape of higher education evolves to adapt to disruption from changing demographics, accelerated use of technology, and the realities of budget constraints, educational leaders are presented with a unique opportunity to create innovative environments that serve their students and stakeholders in new and exciting ways. As the landscape of higher education evolves to adapt to disruption from changing demographics, accelerated use of technology, and the realities of budget constraints, educational leaders are presented with a unique opportunity to create innovative environments that serve their students and stakeholders in new and exciting ways.

Core Skills:
1. Language Training
2. IELTS Training
3. Personality Development Training
4. Soft skills Training
5. Image Makeover
6. Corporate Training
7. Motivational Training

You can contact with her to get the detailed exposure as a corporate trainer and have served different corporate sectors like HCl, Yahama, Times Group of India, Concentrixs, Telecom giants etc. She is looking forward to connect with educational institutes and corporate sector to coach, train and motivate young leaders and achieve their goals by grooming themselves for the future future endeavours. If you are also looking for skilled and experienced professionals, please contact her.

PS: Thank you very much for your services and contribution to the Image Management, Soft Skill Training and Personality Development industry.