Face Your Fear: Become a Better Public Speaker | Nancy Shah

Face Your Fear: Become a Better Public Speaker | Nancy Shah

Face Your Fear: Become a Better Public Speaker | Nancy Shah

Have you ever experienced stage fear?

Well, improving your public speaking skills is like building a muscle, a conscious effort, constant practice, and self-confidence will gradually make you a better speaker.

The journey is never easy, but believe me, it's worth the effort!

It is estimated that as much as 75% of the population struggle with a fear of Public Speaking to certain degree.
If you have ever climbed the stage you would have experienced stage fear.
However it's a mental phenomenon, it has it's physical symptoms too.

What happens to you when you are on stage?
Rapid heartbeat,
Butterflies in stomach,
Going black,
Or what?

It's all about the audience. Do u agree?

Knowing your audience and speaking accordingly, is the most important aspect of public speaking.
How can u know your audience?
Check their demographics, their education, occupation, knowledge about the subject, interest, expectations, mood, etc.
Doesn't matter you want to talk for 5 minutes or 5 hours, if you want to create an impact, if you want to engage and involve your audience, if you want to touch their hearts, your need to know them. As it's all about the audience.
Know them and develop your speech accordingly.

This is what I do backstage:

Preparation is the key to everything you do!
I write and review my scripts many times before and during any event!

You can communicate a lot through your body language. So use it purposefully and powerfully.

Engage your audience through powerful interactions.

When you do what you love, work becomes fun!

Live to love and laugh!
If you can make your audience laugh, they will love you for it!

About Me: Nancy Shah

Anchor-Host-Emcee : Corporate Social Events | Trainer: Learning & Development, Soft Skills | Public Speaker| Toastmaster
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 

I am a learning and development professional and Soft Skills Trainer. I conduct training sessions in areas like Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Customer Service, Leadership Development, Campus to Corporate, Effective Management, Communication and alike.

I also work as an Emcee-Anchor for different corporate social events like Press Conferences, Social Gathering, Annual Functions, Corporate Gathering, Team Games, Product Launch, Awards Show, etc.

I am also a Public Speaker. I give speeches on different topics and share it through a video.

I consider my thoughts and my voice as my strength. 

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PS: Public speaking is a skill that can be developed!